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  1. rILQ57AfV (28 August 2016)

    eu sunt de acord. E adevarat ca patriotismul imi lipseste cu desavarsire, dar sa fim seseroi…mirgem ca vitele cu 6 echipe si dupa 2 tururi preliminare ramanem cu una maxim 2. Vreau sa vad fotbal adevarat in europa legaue…nu echipe de luzarasi care incarca 3-4 boabe/meci si mai fac si antijoc. Cat despre bani – uitati-va ce a facut jarteaua aia de bucsaru cu milioanele din CL. Atata timp cat banii respectivi nu se intorc in fotbal (cee ce la noi se intampla cam des) nu avem ce cauta acolo

  2. yKAZBkt75eEr (02 September 2016)

    person is actively working against the party because their choice did not get elected. I guess the proof will be what sign shâ€e¦.ooops…they put up on their lawn. I would not be surprised that the plan was/is to run against the Conservative candidate and then cross the floor shortly there after to the Conservatives. There by having their cake and eating it too. I would like to eat my words but will I? As they say in the army during pop up target practice…wait and shoot.

  3. gqBvKtE3jj (02 September 2016)

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